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Call on the UK government to bring British families detained in northeast Syria home

UK human rights and humanitarian organisations have been campaigning for several years for the return of British families being unlawfully detained in Northeast Syria after the collapse of the Islamic State. But this desperate situation facing British families is becoming unbearable. British children, forced to live in detention camps, are exposed daily to violence, disease and squalid conditions that each day cause greater harm and suffering.


War Child, Reprieve, Human Rights Watch and Child Rights International Network are launching a campaign urging the UK Government to repatriate the estimated 25 British families currently being unlawfully detained Northeast Syria. It’s time to bring them home.


Since 2019, at least 38 countries have repatriated or allowed home some or many of their nationals and in the last year alone, France, Spain, Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have done so.

What can you do to help?

As a supporter of the ‘It’s time to bring them home’ campaign, we hope that you will join us in calling for action and show the government that they cannot ignore this issue any longer.


To show your support, you can:

  • Sign our open letter if you haven’t done so already and share it with your network

  • Share our posts on your/organisation/institution’s social media channel(s)

  • Share details of the campaign on your website, in a blog and/or in a newsletter to your supporters asking for their help with the campaign

  • Re-share our animation video 

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